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Imperial Japanese Army Artillery Sake Bottle

A very nice Imperial Japanese Army sake bottle. The light green ceramic sake bottle commemorates the ‘End of Military Service for a gunner from the ‘10th Field Artillery Regiment’. The regiment originated from Toyokawa, Japan and saw extensive service in China and later in Saipan.

The beautifully painted bottle shows an artillery piece within a crest surrounded by cherry blossom trees. The sides of the bottle have raised cheery blossoms and chrysanthemums.

The bottle stands at 15 cm tall and is 6.6 cm wide.

Good condition with no chips or cracks.

Code: 50695

50.00 GBP

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WW2 Japanese Type 4 Hand Grenade

A WW2 Japanese Type 4 hand grenade. The Type 4 hand grenade was a last ditch weapon produced at the later stages of WW2.

The Type 4 is also known as the “ceramic grenade” because it was made of porcelain or terracotta. These were materials which could be found at the end of the war when more traditional grenade materials were in short supply.

The Imperial Japanese Navy Technical Bureau introduced the idea as it was easier to make and cheaper to produce than traditional grenades with Japans dwindling resources. Traditional Japanese ceramic and pottery factories were used to produce the grenades.

When filled with explosives the grenades would weigh around the 450 gram mark making them easy to transport and throw. The grenade was detonated with a simple fuse system with a 4 to 5 second delay.

These grenades were used by the Japanese in both the Battle of Okinawa and the Battle of Iwo Jima.

This example was manufactured by the ’Sigara’ ceramics company.

The grenade has a diameter of 8 cm and stands at 9.5 cm tall.

Good solid condition with no cracks and one small nibble to the top.

Code: 50694

85.00 GBP

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WW2 Imperial Japanese Army Officers Type 5 Tropical Canteen

A very good original WW2 Imperial Japanese Army officers tropical canteen / water bottle. The Japanese type 5 water bottle was introduced in 1930 and was in service until the end of the war in 1945. The bottle has its original screw cap / cup and cork, which both secure as they should.

The tropical canvas jacket the bottle sits in is complete with no holes and its 4 press stud fasteners. The leather carry strap is present and complete.

A good example of an uncommon item.

Code: 50693

160.00 GBP

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WW2 Imperial Japanese Army Sake Bottle

A WW2 Imperial Japanese Army sake bottle. The blue ceramic bottle has an Imperial Japanese Army star painted inside a cherry blossom on one side and a tree mounted scroll on the opposite side.

The bottle commemorates the ‘End Of Military Service’ to an infantry soldier named ‘Ohashi’. He served with the 13th Infantry Regiment. During WW2 the 13th Infantry Regiment saw action in the Solomon Islands.

The bottle stands at 15 cm tall and is 6.3cm at it it’s widest point.

Very good condition with no chips or cracks.

Code: 50692

50.00 GBP

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German 1936 NSDAP ‘Freiheit Und Brot’ Campaign Badge

A 1936 German NSDAP political campaign badge. The pressed metal badge is stamped: ’29 Marz 1936, Freiheit Und Brot’ (Freedom and Bread), which was the slogan the Nazi Party had used during its rise to power.

The badge is secured by a pin to the rear.

28 mm diameter.

Code: 50543

22.00 GBP

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Imperial Japanese Russo War Metal Sake Cup 1904 - 1905

An early Imperial Japanese Meji period metal sake cup. The cup commemorates the Japanese victory over Russia in the Japan - Russo war of 1904 to 1905.

The Sakazuki shaped cup shows an Imperial Japanese war flag beneath a military poem. The outside of the cup reads ‘Victory Memorial Russian War’

The cup still retains much of its silver gilt finish and measures 8.5 cm wide by 2.8 cm tall.

A good early metal example.

Code: 50691

40.00 GBP

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WW2 German Ostfrontmedaille East Front Medal With Envelope

A WW2 German Ostfrontmedaille (East Front Medal) complete with original envelope of issue with maker's stamp. The zinc alloy medal is maker marked on the ring ‘3’ for Wilhelm Deumer of Ludenscheld.

The Ostfrontmedaille was awarded to soldiers serving on the Russian front from 15th November 1941 to 15th April 1942, although the medal continued to be issued until September 1944.

The East Front Medal was often refered to as the"Frozen Meat Medal".

Very good original piece.

Code: 50546

60.00 GBP

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WW2 German Winterhilfswerk (WHW) Badge

A German Nazi party Winterhilfswerk badge. From 1933 until 1945 the Nazi Party ran a winter charity which held an annual fund drive. Its slogan was:

"None shall starve or freeze"

Those who contributed received a variety of small items in return, such as this one, which were often part of a collectible series. These in turn encouraged further donations in order to collect the complete series.

The plastic badge is marked to the reverse:


The badge has a 3 cm diameter and is in very good condition with original pin fastening to the rear.

Code: 50568

20.00 GBP

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Imperial Japanese Army Metal Sake Cup

An early Imperial Japanese Meji period metal sake cup. The cup commemorates the End of Service for a soldier in the Imperial Japanese Army.

The Sakazuki shaped cup reads ‘Dismissal Memorial’. The centre of the cup shows the star of the Imperial Japanese Army above a wreath.

The cup has a diameter of 7.1 cm and stands at 2 cm tall.

A good early metal example.

Code: 50690

38.00 GBP

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WW2 Japanese Army Type 99 Water Bottle

A WW2 Japanese army Type 99 enlisted mans / NCO’s water bottle. The water bottle has the all wood ‘Model B’ stopper. The body of the canteen still retains its original paint and is marked ‘Osaka 1941’ on the underside.

The bottle is housed in a ‘Model C’ harness which was an all webbing version without the leather and buckles of the previous Model B variant.

A fine example. Complete and in excellent condition.

Code: 50689

125.00 GBP

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