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WW2 RAF Bomber Crew Large Food Flask

A WW2 RAF bomber crew food flask. The large glass lined flask contains its original 3 aluminium meal containers complete with their clip on lids. The flasks carrying handle along with the lids securing clips are all in full working order. The glass liner is complete and has no damage.

These flasks were used for the transporting of hot food for 3 individual crew members during long sorties. There would be 2 or 3 of these flasks onboard, depending on the number of crew members.

The item measures 38 cm tall and has a diameter of 19 cm.

The weight is 4.2 kgs.

An unusual and uncommon item.

Code: 50508

95.00 GBP

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19th Century Campaign Shaving Pot With Mirror

A very nice British 19th century round sycamore shaving pot with an inset circular mirror inside the lid. The container has a decorated top and would have housed a small ceramic dish. These were popular with officers during campaigns. Circa 1860.

Very nice patina.

The pot stands at 5 cm tall with an 11.5 cm diameter.

Code: 50507

45.00 GBP

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WW2 RASC Royal Army Service Corps Sweetheart Brooch

A WW2 Royal Army Service Corps enamel sweetheart brooch. The brass brooch has enamel to its front and is secured with a pin fastening.

The badge has a 2.7 cm diameter.

Code: 50506

12.50 GBP

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Vintage German Military Kerosene Lantern

A post war West German kerosene lamp. The lamp is made of sheet metal and contains a small kerosene lamp which can be removed to fill and light.

Once lit the lantern can be used as a regular lantern, blackout lantern, or signal lantern. The lamp can also be used as a route guide lamp by adding the included directional arrow stencils.The glass chimney is missing.

The lantern measures 25 cm tall.

An interesting piece of Cold War militaria.

Code: 50505

60.00 GBP

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Vintage British MOD Military Survival / Utility Knife with Leather Sheath

A British MOD Utility or Survival Knife. The vintage knife has a thick bowie style blade double edged with two piece wooden grips secured by three copper rivets. One side of the grips has a military broad arrow stamp. The blade still retains a very good edge.

The scabbard is made of tan leather which is secured with a stud loop.

The Blade length is just under 7”and the overall length is 12”. The knife weighs in at just over 500g.


Code: 50504

85.00 GBP

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WW2 Devon & Cornwall Fortress Royal Engineers Print Plate

A very interesting metal print block / plate showing the reverse badge of the Devon & Cornwall Fortress Royal Engineers with a George VI crown.

At the turn of the century both Devon and Cornwall had volunteer units of Royal Engineers. Their roles helped to defend the coastal towns of Cornwall and Devon respectively.

In the 1920’s both counties volunteer units amalgamated to form the Devonshire and Cornwall (Fortress) Engineers (D&C (F) RE).

At the outbreak of WW2 Company HQ was moved to the D&C (F) RE HQ at Mutley Barracks in Plymouth where the units role was a searchlight and AA (anti aircraft) one. In late 1939 the unit was redesignated 482nd (Devon & Cornwall) Searchlight Company, RE.

During 1940, all of the RE's AA units were transferred to the Royal Artillery (RA). The following month, the opening of the Battle of Britain saw the start of day and night air raids on Plymouth and the searchlights were frequently in action.

A very interesting and short lived unit starting from the late 1920’s until late 1939.

The metal plate measures 3.2 cm tall by 3.1 cm wide and 0.7 cm deep. On one side of the die there are stamps of ‘26’ and a lion on its hind legs with a flag. The piece weighs 99.9 grams.

Code: 50479

50.00 GBP

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Very Large Vintage Soviet Russian Naval Ensign Flag

A very large vintage Russian naval ensign flag. The large cotton flag is panel stitched and shows the Soviet star and Hammer and Sickle with a blue base. The flag appears to be the mid century Soviet ensign design.

The flag measures 13 feet wide and 9 feet tall.

The hoist of the flag is marked ‘USSR’ and ‘12 BDS’.

The huge flag has no holes and is in very good condition for age.

Very large and uncommon flag. Stunning display piece.

Please email for further photos.

Code: 50503

245.00 GBP

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Pre WW2 Nazi Propaganda Magazine

A pre war nazi propaganda magazine. The magazine is titled ‘Volksgemeinichaft, Wehrgemeinichaft’ which translates into ‘National Community, Military Community’.

The magazine has colour front and rear covers with the contents in black and white. The publication is 48 pages in length with military ranks explained along with a multitude of propaganda National Socialist photos.

The magazine is in good condition with staples present and only light wear to the spine.

20.5 cm wide by 29 cm tall.

A good surviving example.

Code: 50502

28.00 GBP

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Boer War Period Lee Enfield MK3 Oil Bottle

A Boer war period Mk3 Lee Enfield oil bottle. The brass oil bottle is War Department marked with a broad arrow along with an Enfield inspection mark with the number 3 below a crown.

The lid to the round bottom oil bottle is stamped ‘1003’.

The Mk3 oil bottle for the Lee Enfield rifle was manufactured between 1899 and 1906.

A very good, fully usable antique.

Code: 50501

18.00 GBP

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WW2 Vickers 250 Round Ammunition Belt 1943

A WW2 Vickers .303 machine gun 250 round green tab ammunition belt. The fabric belt is dated for July 1943 and manufactured by ‘T.F.&S. Ltd’.

Good wartime piece.

Code: 50500

65.00 GBP

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